(formerly the Camp of Aggression)

The camp formerly known as the Camp of Aggression will have most of the elements of the original camp within it, along with some new added features!

This camp is designed to teach a player how to be more aggressive with the ball in their hands. The player will learn how to look for opportunities to make a play for themselves or set up a teammate to score.  

A move or technique will be demonstrated in front of the entire camp, then the player will work on the move with a coach in smaller group setting, and finally they  will be able to try the move or technique out playing small group games.

 Join a camp with over 25 years experience making young players better,  and let us help you become a PLAYMAKER!


This camp is designed to teach the fundamental skills of basketball in a fun atmosphere.   Players will work on ball handling, dribbling, shooting, passing, and the foundations of defense.  

These skills will be taught by whole group drills, small group drills, stations, small group games, and whole group games.  

This is a great opportunity to learn basketball skills, meet new people, play new games, and make summertime memories. Hope to see you at camp!

Next Level Camp

Players entering 9th-12th grade will be taught how to prepare for college basketball.  Advanced skills and techniques will be taught in a high intensity atmosphere.

Also, players will learn how to break down game video, how to prepare during the off season, and how to navigate the recruiting process.

Let us help you get you to the NEXT LEVEL!!

Individual / Group Sessions

Interested in getting more individualized attention to put your game over the top?  

Contact us for individual/small group sessions. We will put together a training strategy that best suit your needs, and we will make you a better player! 

Available All Year Long!

Black B"EHR" Shooting Camp

Shooters are made not born.  We will teach you the fundamental skills of shooting in a fun atmosphere.  The camp is open to boys and girls entering 4th-12th grades.

Little Black B"EHR"s Clinic

This is a once week summer clinic is for boys and girls ages: 5 to 7.  It is designed to help learn the initial skills of basketball in a fun learning environment.

Black B"EHR" Clinic

This is a once a week summer clinics for boys and girls ages 8-12. It is designed to help advance their fundamental skills in a fun learning environment.